Michelle Pollard is an amazing workshop facilitator. She finds creative ways to engage the audience and have them interact with each other. The daylighting trout lake workshop was fascinating. I look forward to her next workshop.
— Lori, February 2019
This tour is a must for anyone interested in healthy cities and urban planning. It is also a fascinating insight into the development of the colonial economy the impact that had on the environment. Michelle is very knowledgeable and passionate about this subject. This was an excellent experience. I highly recommend it.
— Melanie, August 2018
I’ve been to two of Rewild Vancouver’s events now: the walking tour of the Olympic Village Development, and most recently the Creek Daylighting Workshop. Michelle is super knowledgeable about this city’s design history and I feel like both her workshops have helped me to see the city of Vancouver in a new way. The events are packed full of awesome information about development in this city, but are also fun and interactive. I’d totally recommend any of Rewild’s events to both visitors to the city and people who’ve lived here their whole lives. You’ll leave seeing the city with a new lens, feeling engaged to be more involved in how the city is being shaped. Looking forward to see what will be offered next!
— Nora, February 2019
I really enjoyed this tour. Michelle was very friendly and knowledgable about rewilding/greening cities and about this specific neighbourhood. It was a well structured tour and she provided a lot of useful information. She showed us things that we would have missed if looking by ourselves. She was able to show us old photographs and drawings of the area that were particularly interesting and the line of granite bricks that shows where the wharf would be. It was inspiring to see such a good example of development with ecosystem restoration and sustainability at its heart.
— Amanda, August 2018
This was my first time in Vancouver, and Michelle’s guided tour was such an amazing beginning to my adventure here. I learned so much about Vancouver’s history, environment, and issues of sustainability. I went into this expecting to have just an introduction of Vancouver, but Michelle’s tour went above and beyond in providing a holistic perspective of Vancouver. Michelle is quite passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others, and I would highly recommend this tour as a wonderful beginning or addition to your adventure in Vancouver!
— Michael, July 2018
Michelle is incredibly knowledgeable about the re-wilding movement and how it affects Vancouver’s Olympic District. She is friendly and approachable, and going on a tour with her felt like hanging out with a new friend. She came equipped with a number of historical photographs to show us how the area has changed over time, and took us on a walk through the district, pointing out a number of ways greenery has been implemented in the district’s construction. We were from out of town and Michelle even took us along the water after the tour by bike and showed us the way home. 11 out of 10 stars for Michelle. If I had another day in Vancouver I would do this tour again!
— Casey, July 2018
Michelle proved herself to be a smart and knowledgeable guide having lived in Vancouver all her life - and armed with an array of historic photographs, Michelle provided a memorable and interesting commentary throughout the tour. Michelle is friendly, personable and answered my questions well. Thanks Michelle!
— Peter, July 2018
Michelle was such a wonderful and knowledgeable guide. She let us on to so many interesting info about Olympic Village. Looking through the old photos that she brought along definitely gave us a very unique perspective on how the area has developed since the beginning of last century. And it was truly inspiring to know how the city of Vancouver turn the Olympic Village into an “eco village”.
— Teng Lai, August 2018
After attending Michelle Pollard’s ReWilding tour I’ve gained a greater appreciation of both the natural history of our city and the ways in which nature is being given a chance to reawaken in an urban setting in diverse and dynamic ways! There were places we visited that’d I’d cycled past on a regular basis that I now understand to be important environmental hubs. Michelle’s a wonderful and articulate tour guide with a depth of knowledge that will help you understand and appreciate Vancouver’s growing wild side!
— Jason, June 2018
There’s something about sharing a “discovery” tour like Michelle’s Rewilding the City tour of Olympic Village to give you deeper sense of place. Not to mention meeting a great bunch of enthusiastic rewilding explorers. Michelle started by giving some historical context by sharing some images of what the area may have looked like pre-settlement, and over the past 150 years with industrial development along the shores of False Creek. Best part is suddenly seeing what we pass by all the time with new eyes, knowledge and appreciation. Thanks Michelle for making this such an informative and fun re-discovery of my “hood”. Look forward to your next tours!
— Anne, June 2018